We make discovering great games so easy and so enjoyable

  • We place an undiscovered

    world of games at your fingertips.

    We also give you a revolutionary new way to explore it. 

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  • No-holds-barred access
    to a breathtaking world of mobile games.

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    Access it all.


    Never again feel limited
    to a "top" list. 


    Our intuitive visual interface presents you a fuller buffet than ever before. Get unprecedented access to quality apps buried below the top charts.


    The playground's unlocked. Game on!




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    Explore the land.



    Unlock a world of mobile games
    in a single click.


    No more linear scrolling.
    No more futile keyword searches.
    Swipe, pinch and swirl in any direction you please to explore.


    Yes to thousands of possibilities.




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    Discover more favorites.


     Find fun in neighborhoods
    to your liking. 


    Games are presented in communities, 

    flanked by their closest relatives. 
     Savor all-time favorites
    and break new ground.


    Discovery has never been easier.


  • Press

    In just 9 weeks, we've made waves all over the world.
    Check out what industry experts and reviewers are saying about us.

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    "The visual expression is well-thought and intuitive... find new applications... barely making any efforts... explore the infinite map of similar applications."


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    "Besides being pretty, YTTRO is very simple to use. The exploration interface is much more intuitive than traditional application search engines."

    translated from French

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    "The team behind YTTRO’s Game App Discovery has created a mobile platform that helps users intuitively explore and discover game apps."

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    Phoenix New Media

    "Unfurling a massive field of content on such a tiny mobile screen has required creativity and extensive technical expertise. There's really nothing like it on the market..."

    translated from Mandarin

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    Tech in Asia

    "This innovation has made it possible for end users to instantly access an unprecedented scope and variety of quality content without needing to navigate deeply into the endless lists of app stores."

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    "App discovery may be broken, but the tech ecosystem deserves credit for attempting repairs. Check out a few that are headed in the right direction... Explore the long-tail, exposed on YTTRO’s giant map of apps."

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    Product Hunt

    YTTRO Android was featured, upvoted, and discussed as one of "the latest mobile apps, websites, and technology products that everyone's talking about".

  • Our Honored Advisors

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    Eric Grimson

    Chancellor for Academic Advancement, MIT


    "YTTRO opens up whole new horizons of content discovery, backed by a comprehensive understanding of mobile interaction and a profound expertise in cluster and manifold learning."

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    Aaron Emigh

    Co-founder & CTO, shopkick


    "Personalized discovery of content remains an unsolved problem.  YTTRO has a unique and powerful visualization approach that can help users, developers and app stores."

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    David Diaz

    Vice President of Developer Relations, Fyber


    "YTTRO has a fantastic team, an exciting product that fills a need in the mobile discovery ecosystem, and a core of dedicated users that can scale with the right execution."